Friday, April 27, 2012

Wow can't believe it is almost May been busy with school and catching on everything.So how many people are on pinterest? Boy I can spend some time on there here is my please come and check it out and I will try to come on here at a regular basis. If you like DYI and to garden I have alot of pins on there. Ok have a great weekend!


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Sunday, February 12, 2012


Boy this had been a strange winter, but one I can live with. When it gets really cold it only lasts a few days......

So what is everybody working on now..........................I started school again so not to get bogged down in the school work I always take a break and use my creative juices to create something new. It helps me with the school work so that I can focus on that and not just thinking where I rather be....creating. So do you want to share what your working on...................


Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Oh my gosh where's Spring?

Well I am finally feeling better and my surgery in Nov. and even lost 20LBS. ! So now it is catch up at school have to finish 2 classes from last semester and then 4 classes this semester. I am taking programming classes and love it so......................I will try to keep up here also.
Where did our winter go? I am not complaining before I don't care for winter anymore and want to look into becoming a snowbird but this winter has been so different from last year. We had a ton of snow last year and this year I don't think we have had 12" altogether yet. Then we had a freeze out and now it is suppose to be in the 40"s by weekend. I am getting spring fever and want to work on new things but have to finish catching up on school's everybody else doing?


Saturday, January 14, 2012

Baby it's cold outside!

As always when the winter comes here, I start thinking to myself and wonder WHY I am living in the frozen tundra. Don't get me wrong I love my packers but I can not take the high humidity we seem to have in this lovely state! So I am already planning on me becoming a snowbird for at least Jan to March somewhere in AZ. but until then I am wrapped up like a cocoon trying to stay warm. When I was young I loved this weather but the older I get not so much........hope everyone stays warm..........

Tuesday, January 3, 2012

What path are you on?

Since this is the beginning of the New Year I have reflected on which way to go with my business out with the old and in with the new. For years I have wanted to work with metals and preferably metal clay so in a month I well be starting that. Anyone who sells online also knows you have to have the Right venue to sell on, and while jewelry is so saturated on and off line you need to find a niche to drive more traffic to you. So I have spent the last year taking business and computer classes and am about to start another semester soon.  SO I am sure they will all help me with these concerns. I also have been venturing into other handmade items like crochet accessories and some kind of move into wedding markets....So what ever your path is honor it and may it take you to where you want to be.